Effective communication is vital in healthcare. StacyCares Oklahoma can help you ask your doctor questions, relay your concerns, and understand treatments. We can coordinate your care so you know what each provider is doing for you. We help you be in control of your healthcare.

Talking to Doctors

We can help you understand your medical situation so you can make informed healthcare decisions. We will support your voice and help you relay your questions, concerns, and decisions to your doctors.

Coordinating Your Care

Are you or a loved one struggling to manage your health, appointments, home health, treatment plans, medications, or caregiving responsibilities? We can help coordinate your care.

Writing Your History

Does your doctor know your history? Does your family? We can help compile your medical history for your doctors or family. We also offer expanded personal history writing for legacy planning.

“Stacy accompanied my mom to doctor visits while she was battling cancer. She helped our family understand what my mom was going through and make the best decisions for her care.” – Kristi W.

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