StacyCares Oklahoma, LLC focuses on three core areas of service: advocacy, appointment accompaniment, and visitation.

Advocacy. Woman talking to 2 clients.


We offer care coordination and care planning. We help clients and caregivers schedule and interact with healthcare providers; help clients make informed decisions, and communicate those decisions.
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Accompaniment. Female doctor talking to 2 people.


We accompany clients at medical appointments and procedures to help discussions with healthcare providers, and to help you understand diagnoses, treatment plans, and instructions.
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Visitation. Woman visiting mom in hospital.


We provide another set of eyes devoted to checking on the well-being of you or a loved one in a long-term care facility or hospital. Our interactive social and wellness visits are tailored to client needs.
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“Stacy accompanied my mom to doctor visits while she was battling cancer. She helped our family understand what my mom was going through and make the best decisions for her care.” – Kristi W.

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