StacyCares Oklahoma, LLC is a private consulting business providing advocacy, accompaniment, and visitation services. Our fee-for-service rates are based on the type and duration of service provided and distance traveled.

StacyCares Oklahoma, LLC was founded by a loving granddaughter who, at age 22, was holding her grandfather’s hand as he took his last breaths, ending his 13-year battle with cancer. On his other arm a blood pressure cuff squeezed him every few minutes, which bothered Stacy. Having watched the years of radiation, chemo, nausea, needles, and transfusions he had endured, she didn’t want her grandfather’s last moments to include avoidable discomfort. She demanded the nurse remove the cuff. Her grandfather died peacefully that day, his hand in hers, without a blood pressure cuff on his arm. Stacy didn’t know then, but an advocate was born.

More than a decade after her grandfather’s passing, Stacy began helping her 85 year-old grandmother navigate the health issues, appointments, and hospitalizations that can come with late age. Since then, Stacy has spent hundreds of hours sitting bedside in hospitals, accompanying loved ones to medical appointments, and providing care coordination. She has helped family and friends with a range of medical diagnoses and interacted with a multitude of healthcare providers. When she has observed substandard care or mistreatment, Stacy has made formal complaints to healthcare providers that resulted in disciplinary actions and changes in training and procedures.

Healthcare advocacy
Appointment accompaniment
Care coordination & planning
Mental health advocacy
Dental advocacy
Advance directives
Life story writing
Newsletter writing
Help filing grievances

Stacy’s Education & Training

  • Board Certified Patient Advocate (BCPA) credential
    from the Patient Advocate Certification Board
  • Master of Business Administration in healthcare administration from Southern Nazarene University
  • Master of Arts degree in professional writing & communication from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Bachelor of Science degree in biology
    from the University of Central Oklahoma
  • Courses in nutrition, psychology, and lifespan development
  • 100 + hours of human resource management training
  • 13 years private patient advocate

Now Stacy is expanding her efforts to help others. StacyCares Oklahoma, LLC offers private, professional healthcare advocacy, appointment accompaniment, and visitation services for seniors.

Do you or a loved one need an advocate on your healthcare journey?

Contact StacyCares Oklahoma.

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